Affinity™ Pain Relief Pad
Affinity™ Pain Relief Pad
Affinity™ Pain Relief Pad
Affinity™ Pain Relief Pad
Affinity™ Pain Relief Pad
Affinity™ Pain Relief Pad

Affinity™ Pain Relief Pad

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Affinity is your ticket to removing severe cramps and menstrual pains in less than 15 minutes.

Experience relief in a painless way with advanced heat technology and massage therapy. You're able to finally relax those muscles, reduce bloating, and soothe cramps all in one sitting. 

Affinity is slim, lightweight, and can be used on your tummy or lower back. Our design makes it completely hidden under clothing.


1x Affinity™ Menstrual Pain Relief Pad

1x Charging Bag

1x Manual

*Powerbank not included*

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We have a one week risk-free trial once you recieve our product! That is how confident we are you will love our Affinity Pain Relief Pad!


#1 rated pain relief pad in the us


“I went hiking this weekend and suddenly got hit with some pretty awful stabbing pains. I purchased this Affinity menstrual pad and WOW was I surprised! My pain went away in just a few minutes. I just put this bad boy on and kept hiking! This is a must!”

Jackie M
Montegomery, AL

“I have PCOS and debilitating cramps - the only relief I have is through heating pads so I decided to try this pain relief pad. It is soooo good and helps me around the house sooo much. It fits perfectly around my waist and sits pretty. Highly recommend!”

Allison H
Akron, OH

"This is AMAZING for relieving any type of lower pain whether it be cramps or lower back. The strap stretches for the perfect fit and can be worn under clothes and hidden from sight! This is an absolute game changer for me.”

Tracy C
Kansas City, MI

“Now I usually am a couch potato and stay in bed all day when I get my period but this Affinity pain relief pad got me up and running! Cramps are so annoying and always stop me from going out but now that I can take this with me everywhere and hide it, it’s been the best purchase I ever made!!”

Megan W
Sacramento, CA
Imagine This

It’s THAT time of the month again which all ladies dread. Consisting of painful cramps and cancelled plans out.

Imagine a device that can drown out all the pain signals with heat and massage features, portibility, and is unnoticeable...

That is exactly what our Affinity™ Pain Relief Pad does!

How it Works

Strap Affinity™ around your waist, adjust it to fit, power it on, and enjoy instant relaxation.

Our fully customizable levels of heat allow you to get the perfect level of comfort.

Never having to worry about battery life as it has a perfect slot for a rechargeable battery!

All-Natural Solution

At work, going out with friends or even being stuck at home, our Affinity™ Pad will be completely unnoticeable under clothing!

Say BYEEE to painkillers that have side-effects and hello to a new all-natural solution.


Yes, we follow strict testing to ensure that you get the safest and highest quality of product. However, if you are pregnant, have heart problems, or other medical conditions please consult with your physician first.

Yes! Without a doubt. With research of heat and massage techniques helping to relief pain in a natural way, you are going to see an increase in comfort after using.

Yes indeed! The heat helps to relax your abdominal muscles and the massage feature will improve lymphatic drainage.


Go ahead and throw away the disposable heating pads, you’re not going to need them anymore

instant pain relief

Overpriced painkillers and temporary relief is not what you need

saves your time & money

Enjoy the little things without worrying about when the next time your cramps are going to kick-in

travel friendly

Easily bring and use your heating pad on the go, wherever you go